Q: Does my package expire ?

A: Packages expire after 18 months with the option to extend.
Please note: Some exceptions apply. Call customer service at (888) 863-3803 to inquire about specific accounts.
If you think your package is expired and you are interested in renewing please click the link below

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Q: Can I give my package away ?

A: Yes. All or portions of active packages can be transferred at any time for no charge. This can be done by calling customer service at (888) 863-3803.

Q: How do I use my package ?

A: All packages begin with a host resort vacation. The host may be booked by calling customer service at (888) 863-3803. All subsequent vacation certificates (airfare, cruise, hotel, and condo style resort) become available after the host resort stay. Contact customer service at (888) 863-3803 to obtain the certificates.

Q: Do I need to sign anything?

A: Yes. The final page of the confirmation letter (whether by e-mail or regular mail) is called the Sales Contract or Terms and Conditions page. Sign and return this page to activate the package after purchase. This is a free activation requiring only the purchaser’s signature.

Q: Can I cancel my package?

A: Once the charge has been approved, purchaser may contact the Corporate Office at any time to discuss cancellation. Purchaser is entitled to a refund up to 30 days after the date of purchase.

Q: How do I book the host resort?

A: Simply call Customer Service at (888) 863-3803 or send an e-mail to booking@travelgfs.com and mention booking.

Q: How much notice do I need to give for the host resort?

A: 30-45 days advanced notice is required subject to availability

A: Yes, as long as the change is made 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date.

Q: How many people can go to the host resort?

A: Up to 6 people depending on the resort and location.

Q: Where are the host resorts?

A: For the most current information on our host resort locations,
click here.

Q: What kind of accommodations are available at the host resort?

A: Accommodations have 1-3 bedrooms depending on the resort and location.

Q: Do I have to go on a presentation?

A: A qualified individual or married couple in the party must go on a presentation for between 90-120 minutes at the host resort.

Q: Who can go on the presentation?

A: Every resort has it’s own qualifications. In general, single females can tour alone and any married person must tour with their spouse. The age requirements for all touring individuals vary between 25-100 years old. Some resorts also have a minimum annual household income requirement and specify a required employment status.

Q: Do I have to purchase anything?

A: There is no requirement to purchase anything at the host resort; however, a major credit card will be required to secure your reservation and the customer is responsible for hotel taxes.

Q: How much are the taxes?

A: Between $2-$17 per night depending on the resort.

Q: How do I obtain my certificates?

A: After attending the presentation at the host resort, call customer service at (888) 863-3803 or send an e-mail to CustomerService@travelgfs.com to request them.

Q: How long does it take to get my certificates?

A: They will be mailed and arrive within 7-10 business days when requested. In some instances, the certificates can be expedited for no charge. The host resort does not provide certificates.

Q: Do my certificates expire?

A: Yes, the certificates does have a printed expiration date. However, if the certificates have not been activated the expired certificate can be replaced by calling customer service. Please note: Once you activate your certificate you are required to book and travel within 6 months of that date. If this window is missed, the certificate is not replaceable. This can be avoiding by not activating the certificate before being ready to book and travel on that certificate.

Q: How much notice to I have to give to book the certificates?

A: Certificate notice varies depending on the certificate however all our certificates require anywhere from a 30 – 90 day window before travel.

Q: Do I have to pay to use my certificates?

A: The customer is responsible for taxes, activation costs, and possibly other fees depending on the certificate. Fees range between $25-$200 plus for cruises based on destination, departure port, cruise line, and time of year.

Q: Can I combine certificates?

A: Only one type certificate can be used per household per year; however, because the certificates are transferable, non-cohabiting guests may book separately.


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